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What is this all about?

RRCP(Realtek Remote Configuration Protocol) is protocol for making some specific low-cost dumb ethernet switches act like more expensive managed switches with no or little hardware modifications.

OpenRRCP is an open-source cross-platform RRCP-based toolset, that is able to configure and fetch status from such ethernet switches.

See RRCP for more details.

See Hardware for full list of supported hardware.

See RRCP security for info about security model and considerations.


Linux/FreeBSD and RTL8316B/RTL8316BP/RTL8324/RTL8324P/RTL8326/RTL8326S are supported at the moment. Specific support for number of switches is added and more to come. Potentially, any UNIX system with libpcap and libdnet should be reasonable to port. Considerable efforts are putting now into creating rrcp_cli, an implementation of cisco catalyst-like configuration interface for RRCP-enables switches.


Currently, there are two tools:

rtl83xx — historically first and relatively mature OpenRRCP tool. It employs traditional unix command-line style to control RRCP-enables switches.


rrcpcli — this one intended to make full-featured CLI dialog-style interface to any RRCP-enabled switch. Currently in alpha-quality.

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Notes for *BSD:

SVN Trunk

Currently, active development is going on, so trying SVN Trunk for new features is a good idea:

svn co http://openrrcp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/openrrcp/trunk/

See here for some details how to use SVN.