rtl83xx is a traditional unix-style command-line tool to control RRCP-enabled switches.


This is currently in a draft/project stage, use build-in help to determine actual commandset

show runnig-config

show startup-config

show vlan [id <vlan-no>]

show interface [<port-list>] [summary]

config interface <port-list> enable|disable

config interface <port-list> [speed 10|100|1000|auto] [duplex full|half]

config interface <port-list> rate-limit input|output 128K|256K|512K|1M|2M|4M|8M|100M

config interface <port-list> mac-address learning enable|disable

config interface <port-list> rrcp enable|disable

config interface <port-list> mls qos cos 0|7

config flowcontrol dot3x enable|disable

config flowcontrol backpressure enable|disable

config rrcp enable|disable

config rrcp echo enable|disable

config rrcp loop-detect enable|disable

config rrcp authkey <arg>

config mac-address-table aging-time 0|12|300

config mac-address-table unknown-destination drop|pass

config storm-control broadcast level 0|1|2

config storm-control multicast level 0|1|2

config vlan disable|transparent

config vlan mode portbased|dot1q

config vlan clear

config vlan template-load hvlan|dot1qtree

config vlan add port <port-list> <vid>

config vlan delete port <port-list> <vid>

config vlan leaky <arg>

config monitor source interface <port-list> destination interface <port-no>

config mac-address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx|xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

write memory|eeprom

write default

reboot [soft]

reboot hard


scan [verbose]