HVLAN - Home VLAN (Hierarchical HVLAN)

HVLAN is kind or port-based VLAN where all VLAN intersects on one port (or group of ports), which named “uplink port(s)”.

Let’s imagine we have 5-port switch with 3 customers and 2 servers/routers:

Port no. who connected
1 customer “A”
2 customer “B”
3 customer “C”
4 server
5 router

and want customers to “see” both server and router, but not to “see” each other. On the other hand, server and router must see everything, without any restrictions. We can configure this scenario using HVLAN with two uplink ports and two restricted ports. See here:

Port no. who connected port-type
1 customer “A” restricted
2 customer “B” restricted
3 customer “C” restricted
4 server uplink
5 router uplink

This setup is commonly used, when PPPoE is implemented to deliver internet connectivity to customers thru cheap ethernet switches of DSLAMs.

RTL8316 offers two fixed HVLAN configs:

  • Port 16 is uplink, others are resticted.
  • Ports 15 and 16 are uplink, others are resticted.

See here for details.

RTL8316B, RTL8324, RTL8326 and RTL8326S can offer any flexible set of uplink and restricted ports