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Realtek RTL8326 and RTL8326S haw flawed IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support.

Namely - chip can't insert 802.1Q tag into frames, however all other aspects works correctly

Technically, 802.1Q-enabled chip must support 4 modes of frame transport - see below:

Ingress port Egress port Proposed action RTL8326 action
UntaggedUntaggedForward frame intactForward frame intact
UntaggedTaggedAdd 802.1Q tagForward frame intact
TaggedUntaggedStrip 802.1Q tagStrip 802.1Q tag
TaggedTaggedForward frame intactForward frame intact

This bug renders 802.1Q support in RTL8326(S) almost useless. There is no fix or work-around, sorry.

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