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Realtek RTL8316B

RTL8316B is 16-port 100Mbit switch controller.

Note, that under same marking “RTL8316B” two different chips exists! See details here.

802.1Q taging VLAN implementation on RTL8316B works fine unlike RTL8326.

Here is manufacturer's product description:

Flavors of RTL8316 chip

There are 4 different flavors of RTL8316 chip. See table below for more info:

How to distinguish "old" and "new" flavors of RTL8316B chip

There are two flavors of RTL8316B chip: “old” one, which implements RRCP protocol, per-port tx/rx counters, vlans and many more feathures. “New” one has RRCP procotol disabled. However, this might not be true anymore, as some recent chips seem to have RRCP implented again (as of 10/2008).

At the moment, there is no reliable method of differentiations “old” RTL8316B chips, with working RRCP, and “new”, cutted-down version. The only difference beetween versions is fabric-code:


Here is the list of know-working and know-non-working fab codes:

Working, “old” chips:

  • 5C474Q1, L607B
  • 62052Q1, L609B
  • 64318S1, L618B
  • 65461Q1, L622B
  • 69431S1, L651B
  • 6A001Q1, L643B
  • 66258Q1, L624B
  • 64317S1, L618B
  • 83A89Q1, L817B

Not working, “new” chips:

  • 69512Q1, L640B
  • 69542S1, L643B
  • 6C173Q1, L706B
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